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Micah, by Laurell K. Hamilton, is furry porn. This'll come as no surprise to anyone who's read any Anita Blake before. Basically, Anita is a vampire slayer executioner, necromancer, and basic zombie-raiser who works for Animators, Inc. doing the latter. She's also head of a pack of Leopard weres (though not furry herself), queen of a pack of wolf weres, and general all-round bad-ass. And hugely prudish, but still manages to get mucho sex with all and sundry. Oh, and she acquires approximately one super-power per novel. We're quite a few down the line.

So, onto this latest one. This is effectively a padding novella between the previous proper novel and the next. Apparently Hamilton wanted to clear up a few things about some of Anita's relationships and medical health before getting the next novel under way.

I forget what happened, mostly. I seem to recall a zombie-raising that goes completely pear-shaped, plus some assassination attempts and a nice hotel room. There's not much to this. There's very much a feeling of, "was that it? Where's the actual story?"

Hamilton's a competent writer, in that the words go by quickly, but there's a lot of sex and, honestly, I just skip those sections. I just don't care (the last full novel began with 200 pages of foreplay).

Put it this way: if this was on an album, it wouldn't make a single. Or even a B-side. Just nowhere near enough plot.
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