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Lucifer: Crux

This is the latest collection in Miek Carey's on-going Lucifer series, featuring the character from Gaiman's Sandman series.

It's been a while since I read it, and honestly, I can't really remember that much about it. Lucifer has that effect on me: it's always very, very good, and I probably don't understand it all that much. But Carey writes Lucifer, as a vastly superhuman intelligence, so well, that it's great regardless.

This, Carey says, is a character who sees the entire universe as tools to be used. For all Lucifer's suave sophistication, every now and then Carey has to remind his readers that Lucifer is a monster: he'd burn up entire planets just to light a cigarette, if it suited his purpose - or if he didn't imagine that he'd find said planet useful in the future.

From what I recall of this one, we have more Fy Presto, still trying to get rid of her cards, and more Elaine Belloc - suffering a serious case of indigestion from acquiring her father's demi-urge. Her father, incidentally, is the Morningstar's younger brother, Michael.

Basically, Carey's taking Milton further: Lucifer has his own Creation to rule, and given what he is, this is how Carey sees him doing it. Here, Lucifer isn't Milton's evil monster, though - he's just disinterested in servitude.

If you liked Sandman, you should try this. Except, if you liked Sandman, you probably already have.
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