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Dead Witch II

(This is either The Good, The Bad and the Undead, or Any Witch Way You Can, but frankly the titles are irrelevant so I never remember them. Besides, I like mine better.

So Rachel Morgan is no longer suffering from a death threat, but she's still living with Ivy and Jenks (and all of Jenks' vast family of pixys [sic]). And Ivy is going mad with repressed bloodlust. She's still got a boyfriend, Nick, and still owes a certain demon a favour for flimsy reasons.

The basic story is better, here: someone is killing off ley-line witches, so she's sent in undercover to a class of ley-line theory to investigate a potential suspect (the teacher). Being an obsessive personality, she assumes her arch-enemy Trent is the killer, and finds lots of evidence pointing to this. So, as before, this is probably a mistake.

Some of the pipe-laying from the previous book starts kicking in: although Morgan's an earth witch who uses charms, she seems to have an affinity to ley lines, and her demon (the one she owes) had previously made surprised comments about how well she relates to ley lines; also, exactly what Trent is (human or other, and if the latter, what kind?) becomes more significant.

Well, it's a whodunnit, obviously. The characters have settled down more, and Jenks in particular is a more rounded character (he's moved up to a second dimension, and occasionally hints at a third). We see more of Ivy's background here, as other vampires are thrown into the mix. There's still a looming back hole of widespread sex looming in the future, but Harrison manages to stave it off for now.

The ending's a bit of a cop-out, really, but it's also got more pipe-laying in it for the next one. On the journey there, though, the story does take some interesting turns.

Passed the time.
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