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Dead Witch III

Or, to give it its proper title, Every Which Way But Dead, the third volume of Kim Harrison's series starring Alt-Cincinnati's witch, Rachel Morgan.

By now, the principle characters have settled down and are already becoming routine: Harrison manages to shuffle not one, but two of them out of the way for the majority of the novel. And, alas, since we're in vampire territory, we finally reach the vampire-shagging that has been coming since volume one. Ho, hum.

On the plus side, the side-plot with the demon is probably the most interesting part of this story, and chugs along quite nicely.

What's it all about? Well, after the events of the previous novels, a major player has been removed from the local underground, a power struggle is taking place, and of course all the characters are right in the middle. It's an okay story, but feels very episodic: Harrison closes up this novel by setting up as many problems as she resolves. Obviously, there'll be more to come.
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