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Since katlinel's away this weekend, I'm planning to spent tomorrow night watching some video-type rubbish that k wouldn't put up with (quite right, too). But since the vid shop's a short drive away, and since, instead of coming straight home, there might be an option of having a beer or two first, I've taken my usual pre-emptive planning approach: get beer, shove-in-oven pizza and rented vids sorted tonight. Then I know I can come home to pre-arranged blobbing, without hassle.

(Of course, based on previous experience, that'll mean that it'll chuck it down tomorrow, it'll be a grey, miserable Friday, and everyone else will just go home instead. And certainly, the weather's looking that way, so I could have just gone in the car tomorrow instead.)

And - because it "just goes to show" - the vids I picked are due back tomorrow night, which renders the whole thing pointless anyway.
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