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More demos

I got the Sainsbury's run done this morning in an elapsed time of thirty minutes, between leaving the flat and entering it again (it's amazing what a combination of determination and festive mayhem can do). This means I managed to make it back to the museum again to see the last two-thirds of the morning's first demo, with M and L.

Lucky I did so, too, because L took a heavier-than-intended whack on the back of her hand, leaving it bleeding and painful. So I stood in for the next two demos.

Generally, they went pretty well, although there were less people watching than before. A few good exchanges. I managed to remember that when demonstrating how one thrusts to the chest with a smallsword, one stops short if we've somehow managed to skip the moment when we put down the real, live, sharp antiques and pick up the bendy button-tipped practice weapons. Could have been embarrassing...

And M still forgot the fliers, sigh.
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