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Accelerando, by Charles Stross

Finished this last night. It's taken me a while. Not nearly as gripping as Iron Sunrise or Singularity Sky - mainly because it's not so much episodic as addicted to re-tooling at every chapter heading. There is a continuity of character and tone, but it took me a while to adapt.

Echoes of Vernor Vinge's Marooned in Realtime and Neil Gaiman's The Books of Magic. Not that there's much similarity - it just made me think of those.

I suspect that Mr Stross is one scarily intelligent person, too. It's full of references, figures, terminology and technology that could just be well-written technobabble, but having recognised, uh, one ("I used the Thompson hack"), I feel no need to doubt that practically everything else in there is probably bang-on. Speaking as a lazy reader and an even lazier writer (I make everything up), colour me impressed. Hearing him speak at Worldcon meant I already had this impression, but the books don't hurt.
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