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Off work today with lurgy. Unfortunately, I think I'm feeling worse now than I was this morning. Oh well.

During today's sofa-bound activities, I have:

  • Watched last night's beeb3 Spooks. Good, but I do hope that they're not gearing up for writing out another lead character. Oh, and Rupert Penry-Jones as Adam makes me wonder whether he's part of the inspiration for selecting Daniel Craig as Bond.
  • Watched Elektra. Still rubbish, but it turns out there's about an hour of interviews with various comic-book writers amid the extras, so that's a nice surprise.
  • Watched District 13. Still hugely impressive. And a lot of Parkour too, in the extras. A not-bad making-of, too - though it would have been nice to see more behind-the-scenes stuff about the opening chase.
Tags: movies, spooks, tv
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