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Mayhem for a good cause

Two weeks ago, M. said -- in the pub, after a fencing session -- "y'know, Children in Need is in a couple of weeks, and---".

Well, he had this idea...


Twenty four hours of non-stop free-play fencing. Get a bunch of people together, find a hall, get sponsors, etc. Been thinking about it for years, never got around to it.

Right. So two weeks before the day would be a good time to broach the subject, then. Never mind organise it.

But, contrary to all experience concerning M. and his organisational skills, it happened. I have the bruises to prove it (or will, in about a week.)

I didn't take part in the whole thing, of course. That would be insane. Which is a characteristic M. has, as does mikeymookeymoo. Those of us with regular jobs, family, some modicum of sense, etc. (me, siggav) turned up at the start to watch it kick off last night at 10pm, and then ran away to go to sleep. A scary number of people were there for the whole thing, though, and when I turned up tonight at about 6:30pm, they were looking particularly haggard.

Lots of bouting followed, involving rapier, backsword, singlestick and cane. There was some pain, and not a little silliness. Only one person appeared to be unable to display suitable control. I was quite busy during my time, since most of the attendees there had been going for a long time, so I was picking up the slack, but I can hardly complain about that. Hey, I got some sleep last night, and wasn't nursing armfuls of bruises.

We managed it, though. An entire day of non-stop swashbuckling. Swords of various kinds, quarterstaves and duelling shields all came into play, and I believe quite a bit of money was raised.

So hurrah for us.

Now, bed.
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