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That's a little better

Okay, so we're a week behind the times, but katlinel and yours truly got a chance just now to catch up on last week's Robin Hood. And, amazingly, there was something worthwhile in it. Gisbourne came out with dialogue that was worth listening to---

---no, actually, it was worth reading. Armitage's lifeless delivery tries everything possible to kill it, but let's skip that---

--- in that King Richard's just a pawn of Rome, and shouldn't be fighting in the crusade on the Pope's terms. At last, something with a little depth. I was quite pleased that they brought up Robin and his vanity in a previous episode, but it's gone quiet since. Now they have a not-black-or-white issue to argue about. Better yet, it could transpire that Gisbourne is actually trying to do the right thing for England, only has a different idea of what that might be.

And this is happening away from prying eyes. Just Robin and Guy. There was a chance that Guy had only been playing the fool, all along. Hell, there was a chance to retcon the entire series.

Squandered, naturally.

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