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One down, one to go

First proper (i.e. planned) day of demos at the museum. Seemed to go pretty well: each of the three demos had crowds ranging between fifteen and thirty people, and a few asked questions after each. No injuries during the more, erm, vigorous sections of the demos.

The workshop seemed to go okay, too. Twelve people, some of which picked things up quickly, and some of which just didn't have a clue, but that's life. They were well-behaved, too, which is a good thing. One of the workshops last week, I hear, had some kids who were a little too enthusiatic and prone to breaking into improvisation.

And I didn't get too many strange looks wandering through town in bucket-tops, black leather trousers, white "pirate" shirt and a black leather duster.

Needed a hot bath, though, after four separate free-play sessions of suitable dramatic quality.

Next one tomorrow morning.
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