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Torchwood: Combat

I felt it was 50-50. For a start, the team didn't twig the Fight Club scenario until they were beaten over the head with it. And then they didn't even make a pop-culture reference. For another, I've spent the last few episodes wondering whether we missed the bit where Gwen and Owen stop doing the nasty, only to discover that they're supposedly still at it. That makes the last few episodes poorer, since there was no hint of a relationship in their interactions.

On the other hand, Gwen and Rhys, horrible though it is, at least gives something to talk about, everyone else thinks Jack's plan is rubbish (for the humans concerned), and Tosh points out to Jack the Weevil's side too. These don't go anywhere, but at least they're mentioned.

Problem is, the Fight Club idea is so, so tired; the red herring that Jack fixes upon - using the Weevil as a means of assassination - is a better one, so it's a pity that didn't go anywhere.
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