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In addition to those just mentioned, I've also just re-read El Tel's Hogfather since, well, you 'ave to, really, don'cher? And As Used on the Famous Nelson Mandela: Underground Adventures in the Arms and Torture Trade, by Mark Thomas.

In case you don't know, Thomas is a British stand-up comic, best known in the UK for his Channel 4 series The Mark Thomas Comedy Product, wherein he embarrassed various corporate, political and establishment figures and organisations on camera, and interspersed it with stand-up routines written about the event. He's a very political, left-wing comic. He's also bloody funny. Back during the Fringe this year, I noted that he was the only act I saw that really lived up to my (damn high) expectations. And hearing him talk about the arms trade, I thought: I should read this book.

So should you.

Okay, so I wouldn't be too surprised if there's at least some elements of Michael Moore in here: Thomas has an agenda, and I'm pretty sure that he's being selective in order to serve it. But hell, it's still something you should read. It's enlightening. It's scary. And it's bloody funny.

Interestingly, reading it, I thought: this guy is Spider Jerusalem. Tattoos aside. I mean, he even does monstering.
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