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Normal service will be resumed

In keeping with our typical holiday regime, today we just about managed to get clothes on and have breakfast before the daylight faded. It's been a blobbish sort of time, these three days: I've been out of the flat twice (once to get food, and once for a beer or several with mikeymookeymoo); k hasn't been out at all. Hurrah!

However, in a brief burst of inherited guilt at doing nothing with all this free time other than read, cook and eat, I just cleaned out the coal cupboard. This involved chucking away lots of cardboard and an old abdominal exerciser, but mainly required rearranging enough so that I could fit the torpedo in. We can now get to the CDs in the kitchen without having to move it.

So that's enough for day. Back to the books and the grub, methinks.
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