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Pet hate

I have many pet hates, of course, but this one's just come to mind again: people changing their email address faster than... I was going to say "underwear", to signify a rapid pace, but that's not right. I'll say, "the season" because, frankly, email addresses shouldn't expire that fast, damnit.

It's particularly annoying when you're involved with situations where people give you their email address for some kind of registration, and then the first time you attempt to contact them with it, the address is no longer valid. "Oh," they say. "Why do you have that address? That one's old." I have many qualities, but telepathy continues to be not one of them. And since I happen to be involved in a variety of situations where this registering happens, I run into this a lot.

"But I get so much spam," they winge. Well, don't type your email address into every sodding form that pops up on the web, then, and learn to deal with the spam you get. I've had the same email address for well over a decade now, and I cope. So should you. (And by you, Gentle Reader, I mean them, of course. Not you.)

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