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I have now seen the semi-legendary Ghostwatch. I was quite impressed. For a start, it gives the impression of a tellython quite effectively. For another, the kids - particularly the little girl - play their roles well. Especially during the crucial apparition scenes. If I'd been watching it live, I'd probably have been terrified. Parky's scepticim and Smithy's increasing concern carry the affair and are lovely touches.

Since I'd heard so much about it, I wasn't that unnerved on this first viewing (and playing guitar a lot during the misc filler that gives the tellython authenticity probably didn't help). Plus, I was busy watching for the in-scene ghost shots. I think I spotted all of them apart from two: in the studio, during the tape, and in the crowd in the street. The in-the-red-curtains shot had me laughing out loud.

My only complaint, really, is that the infra-red camera was under-used. Okay, so having things visible on an infra-red that weren't there normally is a little corny, but you could reverse that, and have normal people in the crowd disappear on infra-red. Still, the use of the camera during the power-out was quite effective.

I'd have liked more features on the DVD, but I've still got the commentary to listen to.
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