sugoll (sugoll) wrote,


This was terrible. Very disappointing, since I adore The Transporter.

The premise: Jason Statham, a hitman, has been injected with a nasty drug that's going to kill him very soon. The only way to keep alive is to keep running on adrenaline, until he can find a solution.

Should have been good, but firstly, the direction is full of lots of distracting effects attempting to make it seem "druggy"- which just annoys. Secondly, where that's not happening, they're vastly over-using other whip-pans, reveals, inserts, etc. Thirdly, there's some attempt to make it comedic, instead of a standard action movie, and it's just not funny.

And if that wasn't bad enough, there's an inexcusible sex scene apparently designed to encourage rape.
Tags: movies
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