sugoll (sugoll) wrote,

Lucky Number Slevin

I enjoyed this a lot. Bruce Willis does his familiar stoic performance, Morgan Freeman is immensely likeable, Ben Kingsley plays a nutter utterly convincingly, and Josh Hartnett does a grood Brad Pitt at only a fraction of the cost. None of that should be surprising. Lucy Liu is, though: here, she's cast against type and plays an adorably flighty neighbour.

So, what's it about? Freeman and Kingsley are rival gangster bosses, who both call in Hartnett for non-payment of debts, only there's a case of mistaken identity, and Hartnett isn't who they wanted. They don't find his excuses convincing, and want payment-in-kind anyway. The police want to know who this nobody is, who's suddenly working for both gangs, and meanwhile, the word is that uber-assassin Willis is back in town too...

I found it very entertaining, in an Ocean's Eleven guess-what's-really-going-on kind of way. Not much in the way of tension, but the cast all give enjoyable performances, so who cares?
Tags: movies
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