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Doctor Who: 42

I think I enjoyed this. I was fairly impressed with the amount of tension generated; I kept noticing my body language was reacting in an "oh crickey"[1] kind of way. So obviously some of the writing was working for me. I'd have appreciated a  little more "'Scure me, but how are you here, again?" dialogue - but the gradual introduction to the crew didn't facilitate that. Martha was good, too - glad she's getting more to do, as the season progresses.

I felt this was too reminiscent of The Impossible Planet though - and I was worried it was going to be a follow-on, somehow. But I'm not convinced about the final resolution regardless. Nice touches with Martha's mum - and I like the way that Torchwood hasn't been mentioned; I'm assuming that Saxon is tied in with Torchwood, but that's not a given, of course.

(But it does give me flashbacks to Alan Moore's V For Vendetta, where Storm Saxon is the sf TV serial of a fascist post-apocalyptic England).

Anyway, one of the better episodes of the season. So, good job we were watching it, then, since our PVR decided to throw a wobbly again.

[1] (c) altariel
Tags: sf, tv
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