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It's been an up-and-down sort of day. It started well, with mellow blobbing and vague plans to go into town and Do Stuff. They sort of went out the window when we got stuck on a bus for half an hour while moving 100yds, due to a march through town earlier, so we decided to abort previous plans, and instead try out a new cafe that we'd been looking at from the top of the bus for the last thirty minutes.

It was okay; they need table numbers, order numbers, something to work out where food should go, but not bad. Might try them again, after a while.

k and I split up, and we did different things. I:
- dropped leggings off at an alterations place, to be converted into breeches; I expect this to go badly.
- made a hair appt; I know it's time when it gets stuck between my back and the seat.
- bought new comic books: two more Hellblazer, and two more Lucifer.
- considered buying a new suitcase
- did buy a new wok; our previous, non-stick ('just wipe and re-oil it!") model really didn't work out (it rusted).
- met up with K again, and had Earl Grey anda
- bought a new futon mattress and cover. And somehow got it home.

and then it was a hurried trip to the supermarket before Doctor Who, and thence some nice dinner, some bearable plonk, and more West Wing.

Been quite a successful day, really.
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