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So, recently I got a couple more pairs of comic book collections: two Hellblazer and two Lucifer (I'd been falling behind; bad sugoll).

Hellblazer: Rare Cuts turns out to be a random collection of mostly one-off stories by Jamie Delano, and I can see why they weren't included in the compilations before: mostly, they're not very good. Plus, it included Newcastle, which was in a previously collection I already own. These were being written back in the Thatcher years, and Delano likes to beat you over the head with his political commentary (elsewhere, he's done Demon Yuppies, dealing in souls like stock shares, and sticking horns onto gits-in-suits was as far as the abstraction went). So, disappointing.

Hellblazer: Reasons To Be Cheerful is back in the continuing series of the comic, being the latest collection of issues. It's by Mike Carey, who is Far Too Good, damnit, but you wouldn't think so from this. I don't mean that it's bad, as such, just that it didn't come up to the standards I've come to expect from him. I can't for the life of me remember whether I actually enjoyed reading this one.

Lucifer: Morningstar continues the story of Lucifer, Elaine Belloc, Jill Presto, Mazikeen and others, as the Lillim attack the Silver City. With Lucifer, I always forget where the story had gotten to, since it's hardly predictable, so I re-read Lucifer: Crux first. I was pleased to (re)discover that Crux contains what I think is the single best story in all of the Lucifer arc, The Yahweh Dance. It was a joy to re-read. And then, reading Morningstar, it turns out that Carey (and Lucifer) had a Plan, too. That story's ramifications are revealed here. Excellent stuff. Intelligent characters, well written.

Lucifer: Evensong turns out to be a coda to an effectively-finished series, almost (but not quite as much) as The Wake was to The Sandman (who, incidentally, crops up). I hadn't realised that I was reading the end of the series until it was done, so that was disappointing, but it all makes sense in retrospect. Evensong also contains a re-print of Lucifer: Nirvana, which was previously published as a stand-alone thing. I don't know why it's here, since it's set quite a bit earlier in the continuity of the series.

So that's another comic book series come to an end. What else is good, folks?
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