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Life with N95: day one

(Saturday didn't count, since Doctor Who happened, and nor did yesterday, since we were talking about Doctor Who, so this is the first day of serious experimentation.)

As is to be expected, there's a bit of a bump.

For example, I confess to a momentary panic when I realised: this thing doesn't have a touch-screen. I'd have never have survived the T3 without its peck-with-stylus qwerty.

I was also a bit disturbed to find no mention of Mac support anywhere in the handbook, and the MacBook, when given the CD to play with, just said, "....What?" However, a shufty around revealed that with a whole 156k of patching for the device-specific stuff, Apple's iSync would do just fine, thank you very much.

I discovered, early this morning, that the T3 played nice in Bluetooth Land, so I could throw each of my Contacts and Diary entries across from one device to another. One at a time. Zzz. Lucky that WorkRave makes me stop typing now and then, giving me a perfect opportunity. Each item turns up as a text message, with about five or six button actions required at each end. I also felt that the sliding front of the device meant it didn't feel that sturdy. Hmm. And the T3 was much better about turning Bluetooth off and on. Pity I've never had the opportunity to use it before.

That got everything onto the N95, but not in a manner I particularly liked: my Contacts database on the Palm is a right old mess, and I've never hand the nerve to delete a lot of the old stuff (despite efforts, the synchronisation with the work  PC meant Outlook kept restoring old copies of entries, to the point where I was rarely sure which of two entries were correct). And the N95 Calendar application looks to have a bit of a rubbish interface. So I thought I'd get everything onto the Mac, clean it all up, and then Sync back. Moohaha.

The Sync worked - although at first I thought it hadn't, since I couldn't find anything. Ah: the Palm supports "No Time" entries, that appear at the top of the day. On the Mac, via N95, they've turned up as running from 00:00 to 00:00, and that's off the top of the screen. Bah. But there were aboout a bazillion duplicated Contacts. So now I have to go through it all and make sense of it. And, for extra fun, this is the first time I've done anything with either Address Book or iCal, the Mac's standard apps. So that's two lots of new things to learn at once. I'm sure this'll be fun.
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