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The Last of the Time Lords

On reflection, I still like this a lot, though it has some problems - some that others have mentioned, and one that I haven't seen come up yet.

Martha was fantastic, as was her story. I love that she spends a year that strong, that successful, that brave. I love that the intent is a united prayer (echoes of Julian May's Intervention) rather than some physica resistance. I love that the gun is a McGuffin in and of itself. I love that she'd pretty much worked out the Toclohane before catching one.

I liked her family - her mother, particularly.

I wasn't keen on Jack being super-strong (huh?) or apparently invunerable (when he attacks the spheres), and I particularly didn't like him shooting the paradox machine. And other than that, he only had the Bo moment in the whole episode.

I wasn't bothered by the Dobby-Doctor, more that the Doctor didn't get much to do; I'd have been happier if the desperate bid for freedom at the start was all part of the Doctor's plan to lull the Master, so that Martha would turn up safely (that's how I'm choosing to interpret that). Not keen on the Buffy-season-4 ending with Angel-Doctor.

We needed to know more about Lucy Saxon, I felt, but we'll get that later, when he returns. I was more amused by the Ming riff than annoyed, since I was expecting a swirly-whooshy thing to come flying out of the pyre as soon as the Doctor's back was turned anyway.

But it's the TARDIS for whom I felt sorry. A year with its guts ripped out, then shot to pieces by Jack, and not a  word of anguish or comfort from the Doctor in the coda?

But overall, I still loved it. Martha wins, hands down.
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