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All Done

We finished The West Wing on Friday night. All seven seasons done. It was very good. Annoyingly so, since it was what kept winning Emmys when Buffy was on, so I don't get to be righteous over the obvious bias of the selection committees. Anyway...

Josh and Donna: wonderful. We were gutted when Santos got the nomination, and it looked like Donna was being written out. and very pleased when she came back. Although having Josh screwing up almost continually for a season and a half was painful. At least Donna grew.

Sam: gutted when he left. Will was a nice replacement - he certainly grew, and the relationship between him and Kate was good.

Toby: I can believe what Toby did towards the end, only not in the circumstances - he'd spent half a season being mad at Josh for leaving the President and not finishing what he started, so it didn't make sense in that context. Sigh. But I was very glad that there was closure at the end - especially with--

CJ: Yay, CJ. Pleased that Danny kept at it, too. CJ didn't have the weight that Leo had - noticable in that Leo would weigh in strongly with his counsel, while CJ would mostly leave Bartlett to make up his own mind. But when CJ went head-to-head with Abby, it was great.

Charlie: always excellent. Very much underused in the later series, as though they didn't know what to do with him once the Zoe story fizzled out, but he had some of the strongest emotional moments - and thinking back, I don't think he ever screwed up. Not once. Oh, unless you count comments on the President's diet/movie preferences.

Leo: a sad loss. I really don't buy that he'd accept the Santos ticket. I mean, he'd dropped out of the senior staff to avoid, y'know, dying on the President at an inconvenient time, so VP? Silly.

And that leaves Bartlett, who was, it has to be said, magnificent all the way through. From his first blistering opening at the end of the pilot, through the MS thing to the closing Khazakstan crisis, he embodied the ideal of the President: a towering moral courage, shewd, intellectual and able to think fast on his feet, and an amazing orator.

It was damn good. We went back to the pilot and watched it again, now that we had some clue as to who these people were.

And now it's done. Sigh.

Onto House, then.
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