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Hmm. Not convinced by this yet. Ten episodes in, and I'm still waiting for most of the team to develop a character. Plus, katlinel has pointed out that it's very formulaic. I think we'll have to see if we can pin the beats down to a particular time:

2mins: "Why is this interesting?"
3mins: "Okay, people - differential diagnosis!"
5mins: "He's crashing!"
6mins: "Everybody lies."
7-10mins: "Dr House, did you hire me because of this irrelevant fact about my life that won't come up again?"
12mins: "I'm in the clinic B story because I want to know why my hand hurts if I hit it with a hammer."
20mins: "Let's break into the patient's house."
25mins: "You can't treat someone without knowing the cause!"
30mins: "Oh, go on, then."
31mins: "He's crashing."
32mins: "Hmm. Wrong again."
34mins: "I prescribe a chainsaw; it's quicker. Come back to the clinic if you can find your hand."
35mins: "Oh, of course. The patient's favorite colour is blue, and that means..."
38mins: "It's working!"

Hugh Laurie is superb, of course. But the rest? If they start developing an arc, that'll help.
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