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More phonage

I've already got a ThinkOutside portable keyboard for the Palm - an infrared jobbie. And the N95 has an irda port. But it seems that bluetooth is much more snazzy and interesting, to the point where the N95 only supports bluetooth keyboards out of the box, and no-one was owning up to having written any driver software. So I cracked and bought one of these. From Ideal Computing, which is a story in itself.
(And goes thus: their website says that you can have items delivered to a different address from the billing address, but they don't make it clear that, when they're presenting you with an address field, this is where the delivery address should go. And they don't present you with anything that says, "Uh, we're sending it here - is this what you want?" Last time I bought something from there, I got a card from the couriers who said (after the first failed attempt) that it would cost lots to select a different address, oh, and they'd only make one more delivery attempt before they'd ship it back to sender. Cue a lengthy trip out to the outskirts of the city on a bus, and back, all of which was about a week before Redemption. Not at all busy, then, oh no. So I wasn't keen on going though this again, but Ideal seemed to be the cheapest. Sigh. Same thing happened, on the website, so I immediately emailed them and told them to (a) fix the damn website (b) change the delivery address, or cancel the order. They changed the address.)

Anyway, the keyboard turned up today. A clever, Psion5-esque sliding hinge, which obviously confuses enough people that they break it on first fumble, so there's a label stuck on the back saying "how to open". And it wraps over to the other side, saying "how to close".

Let's savour that piece of engineering brilliance, for a moment. You go to all the trouble to make a compact yet usable keyboard with a reasonable comfortable key action - and then you glue a sodding label over half the right-hand-side of the keys. I spent the first ten minutes trying to scrape all the bits of glue off the keys. Gah.

It works, at least, although the keyboard app insists on setting up the pairing itself, rather than just accepting one that's already there. And I downloaded and installed the editing version of QuickOffice (a whole £14.88), after numerous aborted attempts. It's supposed to be chargable to the phone bill, so I figured that would probably need an operator-specific connection. However, two attempts to connect from work (via 3G) merely crashed the phone. A later attempt from home took about 20mins to download very little, and then crashed. Ended up  downloading via local WiFi, and paying by card. Eak.

I've downloaded HanDBase, which seems to fit the database bill, based on the trial app. I've also downloaded a to-do list jobbie, but that doesn't have a trial option, so no idea what that's like.

What else? Oh, yes, firmware. The local Orange shop told me that they didn't do firmware updates (V12 is due out RSN, V11 fixes mucho problems, and Orange still haven't released a replacement for V10, AFAIK), but told me about a shop around the corner that does. Uh-huh. I asked there, and they said that they had to send the phones away to Nokia, who were taking about 3-4 weeks. Right.
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