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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

This is not so much a review, more a random collection of thoughts since the weekend. In no particular order...

I expected Draco to come over to Harry's side, in the end. Not to be a good person, as such, but I thought that Voldemort had pushed him further than he could go, and I was expecting him to bounce back a bit (not a lot) because of that. Am I right in thinking that, after Harry rescues him, we don't see him continuing to support Voldemort's side, only claim it when he's being attacked by a Death Eater?

I thought that the coda, after the battle but before the epilogue,  was too rushed; I thought that the epilogue was too far in the future. Plus, I was disappointed that Hermione wasn't the Hogwarts Headmaster.

Rowling took long enough to get to the Pensieve, since I was expecting the revelations about Snape and Dumbledore to come via that route. On the other hand, I was expecting the revelations to be all from Dumbledore's point of view; it was nice to get them from Snape's. But I wasn't happy with the curse resulting from the ring---

... have we heard about this ring, before? I've only read HBP once, and I don't recall all that much of it....

---because I felt that the ring's curse took some of the power away from the scene. Back on the tower, I felt that Dumbledore felt that Snape being in a position of trust with Voldemort was more important to Harry and the whole plot than Dumbledore's own role, and therefore Dumbledore was willing to die to save Snape from his own curse. That it actually offers Dumbledore an easy way out cheapens it, I think.

The Voldemort/Harry Horcrux connection was inspired, and I didn't see it coming at all.

I got lots of LotR flashbacks with the locket on the chain, when they were camping, and got a feeling of Buffy season 7 towards the end of this; when Harry was in Bill's cottage, and when talking to people at the castle, he was starting to act like a leader, commanding people, rather than being a somewhat ungrateful teenager. He started to have actual gravitas, for a change. Unlike at the beginning of the book, when Mrs Weasley's contriving to keep them apart. Back at the end of Season 3, Buffy sent her mother away: "I can't do this and worry about you at the same time. If you stay, you're going to get me killed." Harry should have told her: We have a job to do, and only we can do it. If you don't let us prepare, you're going to get us killed.

I thought Ron's return was too damn easy, even with Snape's help, but was pleased at Hermione's reaction.

Very pleased at Neville, Ginny and Luna's activities in the school, while Harry's away.

Narked that Ron remembers about the Hogwarts house elves, because  no-one follows that up.

Thought the Gringotts double-cross wasn't well done. The goblin's actions meant Harry didn't pay the price of his duplicity.

Really didn't like how Harry kept casting Imperios (and one Crucio).

Didn't like how Harry kept giving himself away: in the Ministry, in Hogwarts. There's supposed to be more at stake than McGonogal's dignity. I suppose Harry's supposed to have learned this by the end of the battle, but it's leaving it a bit late.

What happened to the Dursleys? Would have been good to hear about them in the epilogue. I was pleased about big D's farewell.

Snape's death was interesting. I didn't quite know what to make of his "Look at me" line.

I thought that Snape's memories failed to show any reason why Lily would fall for James. I think Rowling's skimped, there.

Thought Harry was deeply unfair to Lupin when he ripped into him over Tonks. Try explaining first, instead of going on the offensive.

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