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Marie Antoinette

We watched this last night, after a repeat of The Prestige. Lord, it wasn't good. Bog-all happens, for most of it. It's a costume drama without the drama. Or dialogue, for that matter.

Marie Antoinette, played by Kirsten Dunst, comes to France to marry the heir to the throne. She wears dresses and eats cake; he hunts stags and is too shy to do anything about producing more heirs. Eventually, they manage, there's a brief affair, and then the revolution starts and they leave Versailles. That's about it.

We hoped for a light, frothy, high-school story with vague hints towards historical events. What we got was almost a complete lack of story - Marie Antoinette does one proactive thing for the first hour and ten minutes, and that's to clap at the end of an opera.

I can see why this bombed.
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