sugoll (sugoll) wrote,

Blades of Glory

I'm actually kinda surprised to have seen this. It did look, on first glance, as the kind of thing to steer clear of with a long pole (ah, those pre-mechanised boating metaphors.... anyway). But I think I saw a review that went along the lines of "yknow, even though this has Ben Stiller in it, it's still actually surprisingly funny." And it doesn't, but it is.

(Stiller's an Exec producer, though, so it still has his taint on it.)

It's a silly film, but it did actually make us smile quite a bit, and sometimes I even laughed out loud, which is quite an achievement.

A one-line plot summary: two solo male figure-skating rivals are both banned for life, but a loop-hole allows them to take part as a pair in competitions. So naturally, there's a buddy-movie scenario. With some silly jokes.
Tags: movies
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