sugoll (sugoll) wrote,

Happy Feet

Dancing Penguins. How can this fail?

Perhaps, by not having much of a story?

This film's surprisingly light in the plot department. Mumble's a different Emperor penguin because all the others are natural singers and mumble can't. But he can dance and they can't. So much, so Footloose. He's pretty much expelled because dancing is causing the lack of fish, at which point I thought, "what lack of fish?" Introducing that concept sooner would have been wiser, guys.

He has a girl he dreams about, who turns out to be the local Beyonce, and he acquires a whole pack of comedy side-kicks, in the form of a collection of Latino-esque Rockhoppers. And I'm immediately in favour of bombing Emperor-land so that the far-more-fun Rockhoppers can take over. And preferably join up with their soul-mates from Madegasgar.

It's like someone at DreamWorks said, "Look at this: I've animated a penguin to Stevie Wonder," and someone else said, "sod it, let's make a movie."

So, amusing, but frustrating, too.
Tags: movies
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