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Snakes on a Plane

The main problem with this film, I think, is that it's the wrong genre. Or, at least, it wasn't the genre I expected. It's got Samuel L. Jackson in it, for crying out loud, so I was expecting action, c.f. Air Force One, Executive Decision or Passenger 57. Instead, it's the sub-genre of comedy slasher/horror, c.f. Evil Dead or Final Destination.

The premise - as if you cared - is that Jackson is escorting a witness from Hawaii to Los Angeles to testify against a mobster, and the latter has secreted a crateful of venomous reptiles in the cargo hold with the intention of bringing the whole plane down. There is a whole array of identikit one-dimensional secondary characters lined up for various silly ways in which they can get bitten by snakes, over which the camera will lovingly linger. There's the heroic stewardess, who is conveniently single. There are two pilots, and you know neither of them are going to be in a fit state to "land this mother".

There are some action tropes, such as the obligatory sequence when someone has to go down into the works of the plane to flip some breakers to get Jurrasic Park back on-line reset the air recycling, and sudden decompression, but not enough.

Oh, it could have been great - 747s are a brilliantly claustrophobic environment, just big enough to allow the protagonists to just avoid the threats. But this went for the comedy gore instead, and wasted the opportunity.

Besides, with this title, it was always going to be overshadowed.
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