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I do like my Mac, these days, but it has a real problem with swapping. It's got 512MB of RAM, and as soon as it needs to swap, the entire thing grinds to a halt. I don't know what it's doing, for working sets, but by "a halt", I mean "nothing happens for several minutes".

It's okay while I'm using the same application continuously, or if I've just got Thunderbird and a few Firefox tabs open. But open iPhoto - which has the daft design of "reading" your entire photo collection on start-up rather than on demand - or PhotoStudio (Cannon's equivalent of PhotoShop), and it pretty expires.

And as for starting OpenOffice? Right now, there's 9.4MB free. Start OO:

14 seconds in, the icon stops bouncing.
27 seconds in, the splash screen appears.
1 min, 12 seconds, and the splash screen disappears.
1 min, 18 seconds, and I get a blank document window with a cursor.

I'm assuming most of that time is swapping stuff out to make space for loading shared libraries, but it's horrendous.
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