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All done

Last night I finished reading Cobra Trap, the last of Peter O'Donnell's Modesty Blaise books, recently re-published by Souvenir Press. On the one hand, this means we now have a copy of all the prose novels, and I've managed to read them all (we haven't been collecting the comic strip collections). On the other hand, it means there aren't any more to find.
And more than that, it's a down-beat ending, since he kills her off. Bah. I knew this in advance, since k had mentioned it years ago, but it's still sad.

I still maintain that they'd make a fantastic movie franchise, although my recommendation would be to drop all of the supernatural elements (the Lucifer character, and aspects of Dinah Collier), and just stick to pure escapist thriller fare. My preferences for casting remain:

Modesty: Angelina Jolie, Catherine Zeta Jones, Gina Torres.
Willie: Jason Statham.
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