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"And why not?"

katlinel's been away for most of this weekend, so I've taken the opportunity to watch a vast quantity of mayhem-related video.

I began on Friday, with "The Last Boy Scout", a Bruce Willis action film (AF), written by Shane Black, who was also responsible for "The Long Kiss Goodnight" and (more importantly) "Lethal Weapon", and then, still being in a Bruce Willis mood, followed it up with "Die Hard". A good film made much, much better by one Alan Rickman's most enjoyable performances.

Saturday, I rented a handle of films. 'Okay,' the guy behind the counter said,'That's "Bourne Supremacy", "I, Robot", and "Catwoman", and I really advise you not get the last one.'

Despite imploring me to get "The Punisher" or "Hellboy" as more acceptable (and sensible) options, I was not to be swayed. I hadn't seen it before, and I like to know how bad these things really are...

...Okay. Seen it now. It's bad. Appalling re-interpretation of the character (it's as if they thought they were making "The Fly", only with a cat instead). Halle Berry was... Well, she was better in "The Last Boy Scout", put it that way. Cheap graphics that really don't move like a real person. Ugh, nasty.


I started watching "I, Robot", but had to pause half-way through, because I'd also scheduled to see "Elektra" with the fencing crew.

I'm sure some parts of Elektra are supposed to be funny. Probably not the bits we were laughing at, but never mind. Some of the dialogue was terrible. ("You talk in riddles, old man" is bad enough, but it's particularly stupid when said in response to a simple, direct statement instead of a Gnomic Utterance(OMT)). But it was enjoyable enough. Much better than Catwoman, anyway.

Finished off "I, Robot" this morning, and overall, I think it was the best of the films I hadn't seen before. Will Smith plays the same character he usually does, but at least it's an entertaining one. The robot animation was impressive, and the story wasn't too bad.

"The Bourne Supremacy" started off well, but ultimately failed due to flat direction, I think. The scripts are quite impressive; Damon says very little, but the script manages to get his activities across effectively without the need for dialogue. Unfortunately, it eventually bored me; the big car chase at the end held less interest for me than the one in "The Matrix Reloaded".
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