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Night at the Museum

Oh dear.

Yes, I know: It's got Ben bloody Stiller in the lead role - and Ricky "overrated? Me? I don't think so" Gervais providing support. But even so, this supposedly had something going for it.

Which is true, I suppose. The premise isn't bad. Museum. Lotsa stuff, all of which comes to life at night. Unfortunately, that's as good as it gets.

To begin with, the title is missing an indefinite article. It's called "Night at the Museum", while I thought it was "A Night at the Museum", and that makes a difference - we actually deal with Stiller over three different nights.

Then it's got a terrible script that seems aimed at getting the most from whatever CGI software they already have lying around. Oh, and the cast includes Owen Wilson and Robin Williams. And Steve Coogan. And Dick Van Dyke. Really.

Ricky Gervais is wheeled in just to do David Brent. What's the point of that. I'm vaguely cheered by the rumour that he featured quite heavily on the UK promotional material, and not at all on the US material.

The best performance was given by Mizuo Peck, who I thought also played Owen Wilson's Indian "wife" in Shanghai Noon, but apparently not.

Anyway, bleah.
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