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Howl's Moving Castle

We tried this a year or so ago, and failed miserably because it wouldn't play in our DVD player. We were more successful this evening.

I liked this. although it was very reminiscent of Spirited Away: similar perpetually kind-hearted protagonist who thinks the best of everyone, similar blob creatures, similar cute animation of background characters, and so on. And wonderfully imaginative. Though that might be all down to Diana Wynne Jones - I don't know, having not read the book.

I got a strong Gilliam vibe from the Castle itself, and I didn't like the voice of Howl - Christian Bale, apparently - nor the way Sophie's character claims she isn't beautiful, but looks it to me (or, no different from any of the other young female characters in the movie). But then, that would be true for a live-action movie too.

We listened to the English-language soundtrack, as that was the default, and it included some impressive voices, including Lauren Bacall and Billy Crystal, but they were quite American in their dialogue, and that makes me suspect that the subtitles would be more lyrical.

Fun, though. And sweet.
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