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This is the first(?) Alex Rider movie, based on the young-adult books by Anthony Horowitz. The premise: young Alex, an orphan raised by by his uncle Ewan McGregor and "nanny' Alicia Silverstone (really), discovers that said uncle is (a) a Bond-like spy,  (b) dead, and (c) has effectively been training Alex to join in the family business.

So he goes off to finish off the mission his uncle was on, which is all about strangeness to do with new computers being installed in schools.

And it's a bit of a mess, to be honest. Alex Pettyfer as Alex looks far too old, and far too pretty. His "karate" looks nothing like it (unsurprising, as it's choreographed by none other than Donny Yen). And the rest of the cast - including Robbie Coltrane, Bill Nighy and Missi Pyle - ham it up like no-one's business, there's some very silly sets --- mainly, they've made a movie for "kids", i.e. thinking "it doesn't matter what we do, because they're only kids, right?" Lazy.

Made me wonder whether they'll bother making any more, because this would have been really annoying to see in the cinema and think, "I paid for that?" I don't know what Horowitz's books are like, but given how successful they've been, I imagine they're a  lot better.
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