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John Tucker Must Die

I got this film because I thought it'd be a different take on the US High School Movie. Four "popular" girls - Cheerleader Ashanti, media type Arielle Kebbel and, well, tramp Sophia Bush discover they're all dating the same eponymous Tucker, basketball captain. Together with new girl Brittany Snow they plot to destroy him, in revenge. In one respect, it's very much Mean Girls ("nice" new girl falls in with bitches, and starts acting like them to be popular), but this is closer to the usual Les Liaisons Dangereuses retoolings, only without the bet.

The girls do increasingly reckless things to make Tucker unpopular, and he manages to respin events to restore his image (which is the most imaginative part of the film). The rest of the time, it trundles along ruts, and is creakily unconvincing because of it. The most entertaining part was trying to work out where we'd seen Kebbel before - I thought she reminded me of Isabel in Roswell, but that was Katherine Heigl, so no.
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