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iPod Touch

I gather the new iPods have WiFi. I'll be interested to see what they use it for. A couple of years ago I mailed Cringely to suggest that wireless - specifically BlueTooth was what iPods were missing. And not, as you'd think, for transferring songs between them.

The problem with a personal music player, I mused, was that the player's personal, but music is a social construct. I suggested that BlueTooth would be ideal for synchronising - rather than synching - the iPods, so that they could play the same song at the same time. You'd have to install the same songs yourselves, but then all of your [insert trendy phrase for a group of cool kids] could be dancing, listening, etc. to the same thing.

All it required on the software side was a means of hashing the tracks so that they'd be identifiable, so that you can then transmit the ID and synchronisation keys. And once you've got that ID, it becomes much easier to identify chunks of data as ripped tracks...
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