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Shoot 'Em Up

This does exactly what it says on the tin.

Clive Owen is at  bus stop when a woman staggers by, heavily in labour. She's followed by a Bad Guy intent on killing her. Owen steps in to help, getting into a gun battle with said Bad Guy and the sudden stream of heavies that follow, all while helping the woman give birth. And this is just the start. Although the birth succeeds, the woman catches a stray round in the ensuing Escape, leaving Owen holding the baby. He turns to lactating prostitute Monica Bellucci to help him look at the kid while he engages in a near-continuous string of set-piece shoot-outs of increasing absurdity against Villain Paul Giamatti and his immense army of Foot Soldiers, all the time trying to figure out why Giamatti wants the kid dead.

There is a reason, of course, and it's not a particularly convincing one. But that doesn't matter - this isn't a tight thriller wherein you marvel at the intricacies of the of the plotting. No, this is a film that obviously came out of a drunken bet: "I reckon I can think of a more over-the-top gun battle than you can!" And then just stringing the top ten together.

It works brilliantly, too. God, we laughed. it's all done with a straight Action Movie game face, but it knows what it's after, and the result is really fun. There's hardly any scope for acting (Owen's stoic, with occasion pain; Bellucci is, in phases, angry, scared, passionate; Giamatti does the enjoying-being-bad thing) but who cares?

Even the closing titles are great, taking what amounts to Casino Royale's style, and applying this movie's approach.

Lots of fun.
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