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What was that?

We missed last week's Studio 60, so caught the repeat, and watched it last night. The Harriet Award, I think it was called.

God, it was dreadful. Almost every part of the episode was full of cliches:

  1. Tom lies about the reason why he's cancelling his date. And it's not even as if he has any reason to, since it's not his fault he has to cancel.
  2. Then his original date bumps into him and other woman.
  3. Snakes are brought into the studio. One escapes.
  4. Danny and Jordan go out onto the roof for a private chat. They get locked out, up there.
  5. Then there is no signal coverage for either of them.
  6. The anonymous person against whom Matt is competing turns out not to be who he thought it was, after all.

Embarrassing. Annoying. Appalling.
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