sugoll (sugoll) wrote,

Robin Hood

I've been watching the second season, albeit a few episodes behind the telly at times. It's still utter pants, but they've made some attempts at improvement:
- After the events at the end of season one, Gisborne has stopped fawning over Marian, and she's under house arrest in the castle.
- There's been an on-going arc with Alan, being a spy for Gisborne.
- Similarly, there's an on-going arc where the sheriff is trying to set up an army to attack Richard.
- An episode or two in, they finally gave a justification for Robin not killing the sheriff: Prince John has promised that if the sheriff dies, he'll massacre everyone in Nottingham. Though, since this was reported by the sheriff's sister, it's suspect.

On the other hand, they still break into the castle every sodding week (plus now Marian breaks out), the actual scripts are horrible, and they've included a vault heist and a gambling story.

What bugs me, though, is the way it keeps being presented as a "jewel in the crown" type programme. Gah.
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