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Tick tick whack

I was getting on the bus this evening. As usual, swiped card in the reader, and turned to move into the body of the bus. There was a loud bang as I swung my left arm down off the card reader, then a clunk as my watch fell onto the floor. Seems I somehow whacked my hand against the old-tickets bin fastened to the side of the bus, and broken the strap. Meanwhile, my hand looked like it had been attacked with centre-punch.

(Not that it's bothering me now; a good bout of sword'n'dagger this evening, but I appear to have received a thump on the left wrist, so that's taken over, as far as my brain's concerned. :-> )

Anyway. I moved onto this watch (after much tribulation) because the strap broke on the old one - but one end of both is still attached to its respective watch. I'm hoping I can nick a replacement little-tiny-attaching-pin from the old one.
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