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Both our printers have expired at the same time. Well, run out of stuff to squirt/burn onto paper, anyway.

The Canon MP150 is particularly suspicious, having run out of both black and colour at exactly the same time. And I was thinking, "but I've only printed about three photos since I bought the thing; where could all the colour have gone?" Then I remembered the wall quiz at the last Redemption, and decided to be a little more charitable. However, I suspect they've both just been expired due to date, despite having put between 100-200 pages through the printer, max.

I have spare cartridges; it'll be fascinating to see if they work at all.

The venerable HP LaserJet 6L has been around for quite a few years. Heck, it doesn't have USB - it's a fat, wide printer serial cable. I don't know if you can buy computers with such things any more. It does give nice print, though. Alas, I've just used up the second cartridge that I got when I first acquired the printer, and that one was only put into place after we moved in here, I think. So we haven't done too badly. This, I'm pretty sure we've properly drained. Alas, the replacement cartridges are about forty quid, which makes me wonder whether to buy a new printer instead. :-)

(Why have two? Because my not-that-up-to-date Linux installation looks at the Canon and goes "wibble?" So I still need to have a printer that it can understand. Maybe I'll feel reckless and try upgrading again, but I doubt it. Last time, it took me forever to turn off all the Secure Linux nonsense.)
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