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Slow Decay, by Andy Lane

This is the second[*] of the three Torchwood tie-ins I bought, and I much prefer it to Dan Abnett's volume. Here, Tosh is intrigued by an alien artifact that has triggered a lethal brawl in a nightclub, while Rhys's work collegue Lucy has found a miraculous new diet, and appears to be showing an unhealthy interest in Gwen's boyfriend.

There's a lot more about Gwen's relationship with Rhys here -- specifically, more than Gwen feeling guilty for missing dinners and breaking dates all the time. In fact, Lane's handling of their situation is quite sweet -- particularly with the way Lucy is thrown into the mix. Plus, Gwen isn't shagging someone else, which is nice; it was never a development I believed, in the first place.

Owen gets tangled up emotionally with a victim, Tosh runs her computer models, and Ianto makes coffee (shock). He also picks up people and bodies in the SUV. But this is Gwen's story.

There's a weird bit in the middle that's sort of like a cliff-hanger. One chapter ends with the team in peril, and the next page begins with one of the team having to explain said peril to the others, despite (in real time) the team having just had the same conversation about a minute earlier. It's almost as if this were written as a two-part episode (even an ad-break wouldn't have been long enough).

But still, enjoyable.

[* Although based on events related to incidental characters named in this book and the others, it should really be read last. I suspect the intended order is Second Life, Border Princes, Slow Decay. ]
Tags: books, torchwood
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