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Another Life, by Peter Anghelides

Last of the three Torchwood tie-ins, although I suspect it should be read first; Gwen's presented as having only just joined the team, and there are events in Slow Decay that affect an incidental character that haven't occurred here.

This is a combined Gwen/Owen/Tosh story, in approximately that order. Something's going around munching on vagrants (eating the back of their necks), Owen's being playing Second Reality on his computer (wonder what that could be), and Tosh has made the on-line gaming technology fully immersive, for no particularly good reason.

It took me a while to get into this. Part of this is because of the computer-game thing, which didn't grab me at all (with very few exceptions, I last played a computer game about fifteen years ago), and part of it was because of the heavily-played body-swapping that's going on (hardly a spoiler; this is apparent in the early stages) which the team only figure out at the very end.

There's better use made of Jack here, in that there's some mention that only Gwen knows he's apparently immortal, and this features in some of the plotting, but I don't think it holds up, unfortunately.

So, out of the three, I think Andy Lane's Slow Decay was the most enjoyable. But in all three, Ianto barely exists, and Tosh is little better. Probably because there's already practically nothing there from the TV series yet.
Tags: books, torchwood
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