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Off work now (hurrah). It's been a fun couple of weeks, on occasion.

The previous week was siggav's birthday party (black kilt, casual), which was fun. A general evening of chatting. Mostly a room full of fencers, but also a few other people too, which always helps. Lots of cake, nibbles and beverage-consuming, plus admiring of the lovely Nikita. Felt far too drunk on the way home, for what I'd had, but that turned out to be the lurgy kicking in, leading to the previously-mentioned two days off, watching movies and TV.

Then this week, there was the annual fencing group Christmas meal. With a break from tradition, we weren't at the usual pub restaurant (I proposed the change, "because it's godawful"). So instead our newly-installed social secretary mikeymookeymoo had arranged a stunningly good meal at one of the best restaurants in town, and for a knock-down price at that. So, full kilt, baldrick and sword for that. All the usual fencing crowd were there, and some good conversations were had. Nice to see new faces, too. There were some things I wanted to happen but didn't, but that's M and his organisation for you... We followed that up with a trip to a local pub (one which I can't stand, because it's too small, but at least it was still open - got there at 11:30pm, and we got a seat!), and I spent an hour catching p with L, whom I haven't seen for about a year, and who's agreed to give me Italian language lessons, in exchange for Italian cane lessons. So, hurrah!

Work's been mostly a week of tidying up. I'm doing less and less technical stuff these days (boo), and I'm trying to steer the project in the right direction, but it's like watching a glacier move. Most of the week was going through all the bits of planning admin that have been building up, because there's no point starting anything "real" - no time to finish it, and too many people getting demob-happy.

Friday was the company xmas meal. This year, we'd chosen a lunchtime meal, to be followed by afternoon in the pub. The schedule was:
  • 10:30 - coffee and cakes, for a retirement presentation.
  • 1:15pm - champagne and drinkies ("and" drinkies? What are we going to do with the champagne?)
  • 2pm meal at restaurant.
So, not a lot of scope for getting work don that day. The dress suggested was "your best spangly casual wear". Um. Since it was predicted to be -4 Celsius, and the kilts had been out earlier, I opted for a black suit and black t-shirt, which startled a few people. Ha. I got some stuff done during the morning, but not a lot. The meal was fun, and the pub session afterwards was surprisingly good; I spent an hour or so talking to one guy who is usually incredibly annoying and frustrating, but this was actually fun. Then I got home to an amazingly delicious stew that katlinel had made, with a delicious four different root vegetables.

And yesterday, a leisurely lunch/tea/high tea/whatever-it-is-that-starts-at-4pm with our friends M+A, at a local French chain restaurant. We took our time and worked our way through three courses, plus coffees, plus more drinks, and finally stagged home via nee Virgin,  where we picked up Addams Family Values, so we could watch it when we got back.
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