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Booking flights

So, there's a forthcoming works trip to the US office. My flu-ridden boss left me a somewhat garbled message to sort out flights, and I managed to delete it instead of replaying it, but at least he was checking his email...

Anyway, I spent the entire afternoon trying to arrange flights today, using Travelocity, KLM and Expedia.

Travelocity kept telling me my "flights were full, please choose from the selection below", but not changing the offered list of flights. Which was full, out of the several connections each way? Bah.

Since it was KLM ones I wanted (because of the times; no idea about the airline), I tried their site, but it appeared to have lots of additional options for which I was fairly sure Work wasn't going to pay ("Business class? No problem!"), but I couldn't tell whether they were selected or not, and I couldn't tell what KLM was quoting, for what. Not risking those on my credit card, then.

Expedia didn't quite have the flights I wanted. Going out was okay. The Return flight would be leaving on time, but meant spending ten hours in a hole, mid-way. Um. Or I could stay an extra night, and get back in a reasonable time. But, y'know, a day later. Which would mean the whole weekend would be blown out. Or I could stay another night, and half the cost of the flights. But that would mean losing the whole weekend, and getting back toasted on Monday morning.

I did manage to get something booked, which doesn't involve Waits of Scheduled Despair, so we'll see how it goes.
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