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So the current situation is: I've got a music player on the N95, so I've re-sync'ed the iPod with katlinel's account instead. Not that she uses it, so I've swiped it back again (but not renamed it) for a forthcoming trip across the pond.

Now, I'm not an iTunes Store user (almost all the music on the machine is from our CD collection, and the exceptions are things like demos from Common Rotation's website), but someone at work pointed out that you could fetch artwork for free, as long as (a) you have an iTunes account actually set up, and (b) you're willing to have iTunes tell Apple what you're snarfing art for. (and that's not paranoia speaking - there's a pop-up dialogue asking if you object....). So what the hey,
I thought I'd try it.

Well, the downloading bit actually works. Cover-flow representation looks very nifty, although somewhat pointless (but then, that's Apple all over). But there are a couple of problems.

The first -- and you knew this was coming -- is with the phone. Although Nokia's material says it'll display artwork, it appears that that was based upon iTunes storing it in the music file, and iTunes 7 doesn't (guess who upgraded recently?). Plus, the Nokia/Mac interaction is terrible, so I'm not overly surprised. It probably only worked with PCs.

The second is with the iPod. Apple just doesn't seem to understand this concept of multiple users per machine, when it comes to iTunes. There are lots of little hacks described to set up iTunes between two different accounts on the same machine, so that each can read the shared file. Ironically, iTunes supports sharing across a network, but having multiple logins read the same physical file on the disk? That's too tricky. Using some variant of the hacks, I have both our accounts approximately sharing the same set of music. But it doesn't work for the artwork. There were more hacks for this, but apparently iTunes 7 has defeated those as well. Nice one, Apple.

(The obvious approach here is to just rename the iPod back to me, which I'll do at some point soon, methinks. Still: Bah.)
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