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One of my plans for 2008, mostly inspired by the amazing altariel and the somewhat closer so more in nagging range[1] iainjcoleman, is to get some writing done. I'd say, get more writing done, but I'm not sure I wrote anything in 2007. At least, nothing that I finished. The last completed short story was for Christmas 2006, for the local writing group; the group was largely winding down anyway, and I suggested a Christmas ghost-themed round of submissions just to spur us into meeting again. In 2007, a couple of opening sequences for different stories got written, but that was it. No novel plotted out, no writing on a sitcom I had planned, no continuation at turning the Constantine prose into a comics script, or novel number two into a screenplay. Ziltch.

Why so poor? It's not the time, although the fencing classes -- including attempts to improve their organisation -- and working on two conventions don't help, I know that I'd claim lunchtimes to pound out some more words if I could.

The problem is typing. These days, I'm just about getting through the working days, and I spend the evenings rubbing forearms and thinking dubious thoughts about my wrists. This post is about the amount I can write at a time, without having to stop and flex fingers, etc. Another novel? Way too much of a commitment.

Still, there is a plan: I do intend to get something done, something finished, by mid-February. And then I'm going to dig out the novels and see if I can do some editing. If nothing else, I need the exercise - it's a muscle that's not getting used, and it's wasting away terribly.

[1]  I don't mean that Iain's been nagging me. More that I see Iain more often, and think: damn, I should be doing more of that too.
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